How much weight should I lift?

When starting out, choose a light weight where you can complete all the reps with correct form. Then over time up then weights.


Program says 8-12 reps, how many should I do?

We call this “pyramid sets” so you should do the first set with the high rep number then then up the weight and lower the reps on the other sets.


Set 1 - 12 reps @10kg

Set 2 - 10 reps @12kg

Set 3 - 8 reps @ 14kg


Should I use supplements?

There is no need to use supplements, but if you feel you need help with getting extra protein in, a simple whey protein shake is enough. It’s there to simply “supplement” your normal food intake.


What are drop sets?

A drop set is a training technique where you perform a normal set, but rather than heading straight into your rest, you drop the weight and perform another set until failure, lower the weight and repeat 3-4 sets.


I’ve hit a plateau with an exercise, what should I do? 

What you can do is, add a few extra sets on that particular exercise in at the end of a session, to work on that exercise, you can try drop sets also.


I’m struggling to hit protein intake.

Ensure each meal contain protein, some protein snacks like, tuna, eggs, protein shakes can be eaten throughout the day and be sure to check out the meal plan guide here and here


How do I track food?

Click the link here to watch the video training on how to track food intake.

I can't track food for a few days what should I do?

Not to worry, click the link here and follow this guide.


When should I train? 

Training time isn’t a massive issue, the main thing is, when you feel at your best or when you can actually train is more important. If you know when you finish a long days work you’ll be to tired to train...you should train first thing in the morning so it’s done.


I don’t like the eating breakfast is that ok?

Yes that’s fine, you can try intermittent fasting (IF) which is basically a eating window, click the link here to read more about it.


I work nights, can I eat late at night?

Yep that’s fine, eating late at night will not “make you fat” as long as you’re hitting your daily calories/ macros timing isn’t a massive issue.


What should I eat before working out?

I suggest a smaller meal before training, so you don’t feel to bloated, if you train in the evening what I suggest is split your evening meal into two. Half before and half after. Try get some carbs in before a workout. Example: chicken, rice cottage cheese.


When should I eat before working out?

This is best to test out and see how you feel at different timings, but generally around 45-60 min before a workout is fine.


I went over on my calorie intake, what should I do?

Not to worry is the first thing, it happens we’re human. As long as this isn’t happening to often. The following day just get back on track. You can also drop a extra couple of hundred calories the day after. Get a good workout in also.


I'm struggling for time, what should I do?

Either let me know so I can adjust things, or you can just drop a set off each exercise.


Can I drink alcohol?

Of course. I would never tell anyone to give up the alcohol, as it’s just not sustainable if you enjoy a drink. What I would suggest is, cutting carb intake that day slightly, and try to stick to spirits where possible and mix with diet cokes etc.

I'm feeling hungry all the time, what can I do?

Click the link here to read the hunger guide.

How to deal with sugar cravings?

Click the link here to read the sugar cravings guide.